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Hi, my name is Sarah Frylinck and I am fully qualified farrier registered with the SAAPF (SA Association of Professional Farriers)

I have been involved with horses since an early age and have ridden competitively in both children's and juniors fot the Western Province. In 2008 I returned to South Africa after travelling to the UK, USA and running a horsetrail business in Thailand

There is no formal tgraining in South Africa for farriers, the only route to qualifying was by serving a three year apprenticeship and doing the international recognized Farrier International Testing Systems examination run by Chris Gregory of the USA

I commenced my training in Johannesburg with Chad Sappire (Classic Farriers) in 2010 who was then chairman of SA Farriers Association

In 2011, my second year, I was apprenticed to Robbie Miller (MIller Forge). In 2012, my last year, I worked with Scott Borland. Scott ran a fully fledged blacksmith outfit and it was there where I learned the fine art of making and shaping my own shoes

Once I had qualified as a Certified Farrier, passing all my theoretical and practical exams I moved back to Cape Town and jioned up with Glenn Zimmerman where we worked together serving the whole of the Western Cape 

I have regulalary participated in shoeing competitions and in 2014 won the Novice BL competition in Milnerton run under the auspices of the American Master Farrier, Dusty Franklin. In 2015 at Lourensford in Somerset West I also won the Noivce competition also being the only woman to win in that category

I am presently running my own business at Cape Farrier Services servicing as far afield as Saldanha Bay and Franschoek but tend to concentrate in the Cape Peninsula. I work the Glenn Zimmerman two days a week covering the larger yards

I am currently farrier for some of the top sports horse riders like Mandy Mason, Taryn Sissons, Janine Chanarin and Astrid Muller


Robbie Miller ASF        -    083 278 3496

Scott Borland                -    082 450 0067

Glenn Zimmerman        -    073 936 4445

Astrid Muller (Rider)      -    072 111 1759