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Deciding on a Farrier

South Africa at the moment has no formal training facilities for farriers. The current SA Farriers Association is a voluntary body who has set our guidelines for the tranining of farriers based mainly on a 3 year apprenticeship with an approved farrier. However in the last few years the Association has co-opted training farriers from the USA to run courses & exams both practical and theory to assist apprentice farriers to qualify

Good podiatric care is essential for the performance of your horse, but also its longevity. A quality farrier does more than shoe a hoof, she trims, balances, accesess horses' gait, diagnosis and pathologic problems that arise and keeps your horse sound and pain free. Badly shoed horses not only cause lameness but also long term anatomical problems can occur.

Good farriery is like vehicle mainenance, if you use cheap unqualified people it will break down and cost you more in the long term.